ELBESPORT has been an important partner for fitness-, leisure and therapy facilities since 20 years. Due to our vast skills in the fitness-equipment segment and our long-time product experience in the Groupfitness-, freeweight- and functional-training we offer a capable customer service.

Searching for excellent quality we are always seeking for further development of classical products and the development of new products.

In the groupfitness area our original IRON SYSTEM® equipment such as barbell sets, steps, mats, hand weights and tubes ensure perfect basic equipment.

Our offer in the freeweight sector reaches from dumbbells and barbells in compact format (polyurethane, TPU or rubber) over Olympia weight plates V5 (polyurethane or rubber) to rubber bumper plates.

The functional training area manifests itself through the multifunctional crossframe, Kettlebells, battle ropes with or without coating and wood or foam plyoboxes.

Fitness equipment from the waterfront – no chatter, but hard facts!


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