Away from motion-driven training to an own style. We offer the entire equipment range for the freeweight area.

We offer dumbbells in high-quality polyurethane, TPU polyurethane and rubber, color-coaded each, as well as chrome or hexagon rubber dumbbells .

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Due to the fact that the polyurethane- or rubber-coated weight blocks are welded directly to the straight or curved handle, these dumbbells are extra-durable. They are available in 2,5 kg or 5,0 kg increments.

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Weight PlatesWeight Plates

Our range of weight plates in the freeweight area includes both 50mm and 30mm weight plates. Olympia weight plates V5 and bumper plates for instance belong to the assortment.

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Our bar range in the freeqeight section reaches from olymia competition & training bars over curl bars to hammer-curl bars. Massive steel with a needle or ball bearings ensure a good quality and stability.

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Locks 50mmLocks 50mm

Locks in 2 versions for a safely fixed weight plates, suitable for olympia bars: the metal spring collar or plastic flap lock.

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In this area we offer different kinds to storage systems for dumbbells, barbells, weight plates and bars, mobile on wheels, freestanding or wall-mounted.

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