Small parts

Hand weights, steps, balls, bands, mats: the small parts sector is bigger than its name supposes


Black, blue, green, red, purple, yellow - many-colored training diversity in 0,5 kg, 1,0 kg, 1,5 kg, 2,0 kg, 3,0 kg, 4,0 kg and 5,0 kg. In a round or triangle shape with an iron core, vinyl-coated.

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Due to the monobloc construction our steps are easy to handle and they consist of stable plastic. In addition they offer a safe and not-slip surface as well as a not-slip base.

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Our workout mats made of high-quality and fastly regenerating material, extremely tear-resistant, rollable and washable. You can choose from 3 differtn colors: anthrazite, red and grey.

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Tubes with premium-quality in diffrent pulling strengths. Extraordinary strong and tensile strengthening, highly elastic and with a constant clampingforce. Made of skin-friendly natural-latex with 2 soft grips. Colors; yellow, green, red or blue.

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Available in 3 sizes, color-coaded in red, silver and blue, adjusted to the users'  body height. Endurable upt to 250 kg, durable and form stable made of elastic PVC/crylon.

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