We offer 3 different qualities: weight plates in polyurethane, rubber or plastic with metall core or cement filling, colored or plain grey-black.

Barbell SetsBarbell Sets

No matter if polyurethane, rubber or plastic, if colored or black-grey - together with the chromed HOT IRON® or powder-coaded IRON CROSS bar the weight plates create an optimal unit for the training.

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Weight PlatesWeight Plates

Hexagon, circular, with practical interventions, color-coaded or plain black-grey. Polyurethane, rubber (REACH-standard) or plastic on the outside, metal core or cement filling on the inside.

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No matter if strength and endurance or hypertrophy training, the IRON SYSTEM® bars can handle a lot of weight. Comfortable and handy for energy-loaded HOT IRON® and IRON CROSS cources.

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Locks in 3 different versions for safely fixed weight plates, suitable for our HOT IRON® and IRON CROSS bars. Chromed spring collar with rubber grip, plastic flap or turn lock in grey, light grey or red.

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